The Cost of Lumber: Timber Block Homes Responds

Belfort Floor plan

It’s no secret, lumber prices have had a significant increase over the last few months, and many people looking to build their own home are wondering what this price increase means for them and what Timber Block Homes is doing in response.

Mike Mathon is the CEO of Timber Block, he says the company took action as soon as the prices started to rise.”We bought in bulk what we could, we stocked up from various suppliers, and we hired additional purchasing staff to shield our customers from a huge part of the material price increases. Through long-nurtured relationships with our suppliers, we are proud to say that our pricing has moved way less than the industry.”

Timber Block then went ahead and introduced a brand new, transparent pricing system…solving the biggest hurdle clients were facing.  

Timber Block’s new pricing model

Ultimately, this new pricing system will allow prices to go down when material prices do. This allows homeowners to move ahead with their home building project without the worry of further price increases. Mike adds because many industry professionals are seeing a potential simmering down of the material cost increases, plus a potential reduction in the mid to long term, many clients are going ahead with their first steps of building their new home. “The reality is that planning a custom home build takes more than talent, it takes time, and time and flexibility are exactly what our new pricing model brings.”

In any home building project – regardless of the price of lumber, the design stage comes first. Mike says by starting planning now, the client can go at their own pace, and spend as much time as needed on inspiration….and Timber Block is ready for it. “Our signature 3D custom home designing sessions with our skilled in-house architectural staff are offered at no additional cost as part of the homeowner’s future home price. After that, permitting preparation steps and engineering happens, setting up all the details for the final-quote stage.”

Why should homeowners build instead of buying an existing home? Mike says both markets have gone up in pricing in the last year, and industry professionals are not seeing any softening of the real estate market in the years to come. “The fact is, real estate has always been a great insurance and investment strategy against inflation. So if someone is going to pay a bit more than last year, it only makes sense to start their custom home building project, and have it built exactly the way they want it. When someone builds their own home rather than buy an existing home, they are in full control from day one. During the design process, the client works closely with the team, making sure every part of the home is unique to them, and designed and constructed just the way they planned.”

With all that work done and with the necessary time to “Make it Right“, Timber Block clients will be ready to pull the trigger on their project when the timing is right for them. Mike says this flexibility will prove to be a powerful ally in the times to come, as material price fluctuations might not be as big of a concern in the future, but skilled labor availability will always be. “If your goal is to build right away or within the next 2-5 years, it’s critical for your project’s success to begin pre-construction planning now.”

If you are looking to find out more about the new pricing model, contact Timber Block today.

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