Timber Block Project Update: Construction Complete!

Timber Block custom home

A few months ago, we introduced you to Sue. Sue and her husband Greg, along with their teenaged son Jake decided to make the move to build on a lake in Muskoka, Ontario – a place where they were very familiar with, as they rented for several years before.

Today, we’re giving you an update! Once the couple had decided a Timber Block home was what they wanted to build, they started searching through the models and floor plans. They started with the McKinley, but as they worked extensively with Timber Block’s design team, they ended up with several changes to make their home exactly what they wanted.

Now, a few months later, Sue talks about what she loves most about her brand new Timber Block home. “The best part of our cottage and what takes it from awesome to spectacular is the vaulted ceiling that was suggested by our Architectural Technologist Kate McIntosh at our initial meeting. I had said I loved the look of the rectangular windows and vault in one of the other Timber Block designs and she said she could easily add it to our final design,” says Sue. “I’m so grateful she did this, because it’s the first thing everyone mentions when they walk in. Plus, it brings in so much light and airiness.”

One of the fun parts of building a brand new home is designing the interior. We asked Sue where she got her inspiration from. “I actually hired the interior decorator that had done my house reno 5 years ago. She knew my style and she had a great vision for what would make our cottage fit our style. We went for a beach house type design, and she suggested we use shiplap on our fireplace rather than the typical stone. It is so dramatic and the final colour sets the entire tone of the design. I then came up with the idea to add the shiplap to the front entranceway and make it into a coat rack.”

Overall, Sue says they had nothing but a great experience throughout the entire process. “I can’t believe how smooth it was. From the first meeting with Tamara – who suggested we start with the McKinley – to the final touches, it’s been such a pleasure to work with this entire team.”

Sue says her family is so happy in their new home. “When we decided to buy a lot on a lake that we’ve been renting each year for the last 6 years, we weren’t sure exactly how we were going to build the cottage of our dreams, a place where we could retire and enjoy with friends and family. It seemed like a huge process and overwhelming at first, but once we found Timber Block, it relieved not only all of our doubts but our stress as well.”

For Sue, this truly is Home Sweet Home. “When I spend time there now, I can’t believe it. It feels like a dream come true.

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Note; Sue would like to thank her landscaper, Artisan Landscapes, for the beautiful job!