Coffee With a Home Consultant #1 – Favorite Model?

Each month, we’re going to speak with a Timber Block Home Consultant on several topics – from frequently asked questions and “getting technical” to things they love best – such as their favorite model! This is what we’re talking about today.

Meet Romi McCurry. Romi is a Senior Home Consultant from our Connelly Springs, North Carolina model home and sales center location. Romi takes her title to another level. Not only is she a Timber Block Home Consultant but she is knowledgeable in everything related to the industry and the areas she serves. Romi will be able to answer any of your questions related to the Timber Block product, but also advise on things like the benefits of building an engineered wood home, the home building process as a whole, and overall general questions you may wonder about – like finding land, permitting and more. Romi has been with Timber Block for over 10 years and has helped several Timber Block homeowners build the home they’ve always dreamed of.

Today, we want to know which Timber Block model is her favorite and why!

Romi’s pick? The Celeste from the Evolution Collection. 

“Where do I even start when there are so many reasons why this model is my favorite?! I love the contemporary feel, but in a pitched roof – which is required by many HOA’s in Western North Carolina. The 2-car garage is attached to the house giving it curb appeal, but also making it a rectangle. We all know in building, every time you turn a corner you add money – so I love straight lines! The Celeste model has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The Primary bedroom (BR3) is tucked away in the opposite corner from the other bedrooms. There is a small hallway that leads you to the laundry room before entering the Primary bedroom, giving you even more privacy.”

“I love the tall ceilings with windows above the doors in the main living area. Bring on all the light! I love bright open spaces. This home feels cozy and still has plenty of room for my family.” 

Romi says because of Timber Block’s amazing team of in-house designers, making changes to the plan is simple. “Since I would build on a crawlspace, there is no need for those stairs near the entry of the home. This would allow me to open up the entry way, or in my case, rearrange the second bathroom and open up that living area a little more.

Having worked in the Timber Block Denver model home for 10 years, this model (the Denver) truly feels like home. But as my children start to head to college, I need to downsize…like so many of you out there! When the Evolution Series was released a few years ago, I was immediately drawn to the Celeste model, and my love of this this model hasn’t changed! My husband loves the Contemporary Series the best, so this is a model we can both agree on. And stay tuned….you just may hear from him next!” 

Stay tuned for our next edition of Coffee with a Consultant coming up soon!

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